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We at Yad Mordechai International are dedicated to relieving suffering of fellow Jews in the World. We support organizations that feed, clothe & care for our sick, elderly, widowed and impoverished.

The trustees of Yad Mordechai are all extremely serious about ensuring maximal benefit for their charity dollars and are meticulous in their investigation of potential recipients of charity to ensure that every last cent is put to good use. In this regard rather than providing assistance to individuals Yad Mordechai prefers to identify worthy organizations committed to the same principles as it and provides such organizations with support.

By funding Yad Mordechai you can be sure that your charity is being optimally and meaningfully applied to those Jews that are most in need and only we have exhaustively investigated the recipient charity.

We are currently involved with projects in Israel, the Former Soviet Union and South Africa. Remember that we only support organizations which are transparent in their accounting and record-keeping, and where our own evaluation confirms that such organizations are doing superb work.


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