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Feeding Programmes

Yad Eliezer, Israel

Soup kitchen/feeding scheme based in Jerusalem: Yad Eliezer, was founded in 1978 to provide food and financial assistance to over 50,000 men, women and children in 17 cities across Israel. More than 10,000 volunteers give of their time and resources.

Yad Aharon and Michael, Johannesburg, South Africa

Soup kitchen/feeding scheme: Founded in 1992, Yad Aharon provides food for needy Jewish families in Johannesburg. Over 370 food parcels are delivered to the homes of these families on a weekly basis.

Hazon Yeshaya, Israel

Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens based in Israel is a humanitarian organization fighting poverty and hunger. Founded in 1997 by a successful businessman from New York, Hazon Yeshaya has grown to a nationwide chain of seven soup kitchens serving more than 120,000 hot meals every month, of which 80% go to children.

Jewish Soup Kitchen, Riga, Latvia

Since 1992, the soup kitchen has provided over 50 hot meals a day for elderly and impoverished members of the community who cannot survive on their pensions or are homebound.


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